The Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Centres is an exciting new initiative to connect Indigenous workers with Alberta employers recruiting for construction-related careers.

Our services will create Indigenous skills development and employment, while at the same time, assist Alberta business and industry with key human resource objectives. It responds with a business solution to address Alberta’s growth and skilled workforce shortages by engaging the resources of our Indigenous population in urban and rural communities through career development/training and Indigenous employment opportunities to support economic development.

Employers will benefit from an increased pool of employees that aspire for additional training to enhance their careers within the trades; building towards their red seal apprenticeships. Strengthening communities through education or the “trades route” may allow more people to work closer to home and their families acting as role models for the future generations. This will produce more individuals on the ground working, learning, and developing their skills to become year one and two apprenticeships.

During the two year pilot phase, private-sector companies will have the opportunity to invest in the Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Centres at different levels:

Your investment in a membership will ensure that each client receives the resources they need to be successful in the workplace. Membership investments will go directly into the program to provide training, career coaching, transportation to and from training courses and interviews, gloves, boots, hats in addition to the many other needs our clients will have. Along with providing essential funding for the operation of the Career Centres, these investment opportunities will also give AICCC members, partners, investors, corporate sponsors, and friends opportunities to connect with AICCC clients, dynamic corporate branding opportunities within the career centres, and showcase private investors as prominent business leaders and community supporters to Centre clients.

Job Posting and Employee Recruitment

AICCC job postings will be limited to member organizations. The AICCC will assist member organizations with employee recruitment:

  • Member companies will liaise with AICCC staff to define and evaluate the qualifications and attributes needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of each position posted with the Career Centres.
  • AICCC staff review the client information to generate a list of qualified clients
  • Clients are then vetted through a personalized matching process to review best fit and provide recommendations for employee applications.

Membership benefits

  • Membership access to an interactive database of Indigenous workers to build potential employee-employer relationships more smoothly
  • Exclusive job postings on the database to allow for the collection, viewing and sharing of client information across the province
  • Opportunity to liaise with AICCC staff and define/evaluate the qualifications and attributes needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of each position posted with the AICCC
  • Recommendations for employee applications
  • Access to information and tips on developing formal cultural diversity policies, awareness, and Indigenous employee hiring/placement strategies for success

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Member Companies

JV Driver Projects Inc.
Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership